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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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October 9, 2002

Episode 11 is now under the pen, and the prologue has been completed.  I have posted the prologue as the episode's teaser, and is on the Teaser page.  
As you may have noticed, the Episode's page has now been changed...  I have added several sections to it including a Teasers Page, an Upcoming Episodes Page, a Synopses Page, and a Downloads Page.  I did that for two reasons:  One being that I wanted to make it easier for people who are hesitant to sign up for the mailing list to get samples of my writing before deciding to sign up...  Second reason being that we are now two episodes away from the end of Season One, and soon after that we'll be rolling into the 2nd Season.  I wanted to go ahead and set up that page for the next season to show that TLC is still going strong and making progress.  

-- End Log --