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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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December 5, 2002

I want to announce a new feature that I am going to run from time to time -- the TLC Contest!  As of today, TLC now has just over 900 readers on its mailing list.  Although I do not get to update the reader number graphic every day, there are more and more people joining every day.  We are rapidly approaching the big number -- 1000!  It's close to Christmas, and I am feeling extremely happy with the booming popularity of the series, so I have decided to run this contest.  
For the 1000th reader to subscribe to TLC, I will be giving away the entire 1st Season of Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD as well as a DVD Player to watch them on!  If reader #1000 was recommended to this site by an already existing reader (has to be on my mailing list), the person who recommended him/her will also receive TNG's Season One on DVD.  So, all you TLC fans, let's get started by making sure to pass the word around to check this site out.  Recommend your friends or family, whoever you know that would love to read Trek.  To all of you, good luck and...    

-- End Log --