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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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August 19, 2002

A big round of Congratulations and Welcome go out to Mr. Dylan Redas Noel, who has just become the 600th person to become a subscriber to the TLC series.   Mr. Noel has joined the other 599 readers who come from across the world to read The Legend Continues, and has heard good things about our stories through word of mouth.  Although this may not seem like such a prestigious event, I deem it as such due to the fact that TLC has now become the most popular Star Trek series on the web today!  Although I would like people to experience other Trek writers on the web, it makes me burst with happiness to know that more people are tuning in to TLC than any other series on the web.  So here's thanks to all of you who support Star Trek: The Legend Continues, and as we always say here -- Keep on Trekkin'.
-- End Log --