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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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Name:   T'Shanik
 Rank:   Ensign
 Race:    Vulcan
 Born:    2352, D'anok Outpost
   Age:    23

History:  Very little is known about T'Shanik's origins or background.  When T'Shanik applied to Starfleet Academy, she indicated that she was Vulcan.  Events in 2375 brought to light the fact that she was in fact Romulan in descent  Her father is the Romulan commander Tanok, who had a murder attempt on his life while aboard the USS Endeavor.

She has tested as expert in 5 different forms of martial arts, self defense, and hand-to-hand combat.  She regularly participates in competitions across the quadrant, and has received multiple awards since her 18th birthday.  Her ability to learn the tactical fields competently have gained her much respect from her Academy instructors.  This is her first assignment.

In 2375, she led an away team from the USS Endeavor-A comprised of security officers to the Cardassian Outpost on Setlik III, where they came to the aid of the Cardassian Resistance attempting to overthrow the Jem'Hadar soldiers stationed there.  The mission was a success, needless to say.

In 2376, she was part of a team of people studying the planet Dakorus II to evaluate the populations readiness to join the Federation.  Assigned to study the planet's moons, she determined that the third moon in orbit contained high concentrations of dilithium crystals.

After the Vendoth invasion of 2376, T'Shanik requested and received a leave of absence from Starfleet so that she could return to her homeplanet of Romulas to visit with family.