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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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 Name:   Saren Llalik
 Rank:    Lieutenant Commander
 Race:    Human
 Born:    2346, Starbase 210
 Age:      29

History:  One of the youngest chief medical officers in the fleet, Saren Llalik was also chief medical officer onboard the USS Tremane, receiving the post at the record rank of Lieutenant (JG) and only 24 years old.  The post was well deserved, however.  Saren Llalik graduated at the very top of her class at Starfleet Medical and has quickly gained the respect of nearly the entire medical profession as an officer who  has a profound understanding of the medical trade.  She has written many papers on Bio-prosthesis's and maintains a strong interest in pursuing medical treatments for new diseases.  She has also served onboard the medical ship USS Mercy.

After the Vendoth invasion of Sol in 2376, Saren and her family were restationed to the USS Caretaker temporarily until repairs could be completed on the Endeavor.

Saren is married and has two young children.