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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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Name:   Damien Tyler   
 Rank:   Captain
 Race:    Human
 Born:    2340,  Earth, Panama City
   Age:    35

History:  Fresh out of the Academy, Ensign Tyler first served aboard the USS Benson as navigation officer in 2362.  Almost a year later, he was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) and began a short stint as shuttle pilot for Admiral Benson stationed at Starbase 9.  

In 2364 his three year tour of duty ended and he returned to Earth to be with his fiancee, Rebecca.  Several months later, however he recieved orders to return to Starfleet.  This was, apparently, the end point of his relationship with Rebecca as they have not spoken since.  When he returned in late 2364, now Lieutenant Tyler was restationed to the USS Kitty Hawk where he spent the next 4 years impressing superiors and progressing up the ranks to Lieutenant Commander.  LTCDR Tyler was then approached by Starfleet Intelligence to be recruited into their ranks.  At this point, Tyler's actions were not recorded due to being Top Secret in nature.  In 2372 he resurfaced, having been assigned to the USS Midway as First Officer.  By the time he reached the Midway, Tyler was now a Commander.

During his time aboard the Midway, Tyler took a vacation to planet Risa, where he was accidentally drawn into a dispute between a Ferengi businessman and a band of rogue Romulans.  Tyler discovered that the two factions were involved in an illegal arms deal that the Romulans were going to utilize to start a war with the Federation.  Tyler was successful in sabotaging the weapons exchange, setting off explosives that destroyed the Romulan ship in the  process.

During the Dominion War, Fleet Admiral Ross called on Commander Tyler for his intelligence experience for a special mission aboard the USS Endeavor-A in 2375.  At the the end of the mission, the commanding officer of the Endeavor had been fatally injured during a battle with a Dominion warship, and had been incapacitated.  For his actions during that mission, Commander Tyler was given a field promotion to Captain and offered command of the Endeavor-A, which he gladly accepted.    

On Stardate 52950.6, Captain Tyler was abducted from the Endeavor by the entity known as "Q".  Much of what happened while Tyler was gone with Q is not known, but he was returned to the ship a few fours later unharmed.

In mid 2376, Captain Tyler led the Endeavor into battle against the Vendoth invasion of Sol, and his dedicated efforts to halt the invasion, both in Earth orbit as well as on the surface of Luna, earned him the Distinguished Cross award.  The USS Endeavor was badly damaged in the conflict, however, and required at least six months of drydock repair and overhaul.  Captain Tyler was reassigned to Outpost 172 until repairs could be completed on the Endeavor.

Tyler has an affinity for flying antique aircraft (holodeck programs) and archaeology.