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(2/25/03 9:51:27 pm)
Reply  Plea to Trek Fans and TFU Supporters
 To all posters and supporters of the TFU--

Earlier today, there was an exchange between several Trek fans who happened by this site and are not supporters of either campaign, but posted their thoughts on what was going on. They posted their honest opinions that the STFA and its campaign are better and than Trish's constant attacks against them is really poor form. However, according to this message, Trish deleted every single one. I ask you this -- if Trish is such a dedicated Trek fan, dedicated to the principle of "Trek Fans Uniting" and working together to support the goals of this campaign, and if she is respectful of what Trek fans have to say, why is she deleting every thing that does not fit into her ideal. If it does not agree with her or her goals, she deletes it and pushes those posters away. Does that sound like the kind of person who should represent Trek fans from around the world to Paramount and Viacom? She does not care what Trek fans think, all she cares about is what she thinks (and those who support her goals). The STFA never deletes any thing that Trek fans have to say, good or bad. They actually care to hear different opinions.


Mike Main

(Was a TFU supporter until this sorry charade began -- now a happy member of STFA campaign.)

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