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Letter Writing FAQ
Letter Writing FAQ

It is an absolute must for us to write to both Paramount and Viacom to tell them what we want.  It doesn't help us if we sit around complaining about things without saying something to the people who make the most difference.  

Using the addresses at left (and address both the envelope and letter to those specific people), write a letter which tells them how you feel.  Repeat our goals for this campaign (remove Berman and company and replace him with a Board of Trustees). Remind them that we as fans are the reason why Trek lives.  There are some important things to remember when writing your letter, however:

 1) Do not be rude in your letter.  State briefly and clearly what you think, coming right to the point.

 2) Do not use foul language to get your point across.

 3)  Remember that Mr. Redstone and Mrs. Lansing are NOT the "enemy"...  They have the power to change things, but only if we speak to them in a calm, rational way.  Also remember that they are human, and treat them with dignity just as Gene Roddenberry would have done.