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Survey #3
Below you will find a set of questions.  These questions all require a short answer (one or two words, unless you care to elaborate).  Browse through them, and when you are ready to send us your answers, simply email us by clicking the VOICE MY OPINION link below.  Put the question number first, then your answer in the email.  And thanks for taking the time to answer these short surveys!

1) Which would you rather see more: a new TV Series or a new Movie?

2) If a movie, which cast would you like to see best?

3) Is there a particular villain or alien that you would like to see most in the new film?

4) If you voted for a new TNG movie, would you like to see Data return alive?

5) Would an appearance by Q be acceptable to you?

6) How would you feel about a mixed cast movie? (TNG & DS9, or DS9 & VOY, etc)

7) What kind of movie would you rather see: heart warming exploration or big battle scenes?

8) What kind of series would you rather see:  TNG era, TOS era, 23rd century, or other (if other, please elaborate)?

WANT TO ADD A QUESTION?  Email us the question here.