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Survey Center
In everything you do in life, there will always be at least two reactions:  a positive one and a negative one.  This campaign has proven to be no different.  For every 500 or so e-mails that we get that are positive about this campaign, it's goals, and it's message, we do also get about 50 e-mails of people who don't agree at all.  Some people badmouth us, some people politely tells us that we are all crazy that Enterprise, Voyager or Nemesis (etc) are the greatest things to happen to Trek.  And in most cases, those people who do agree with our campaign, they also agree on what they would like to see happen in the Trek world to save it.  There are also, however, those people who do not agree on their ideas for future Trek endeavors.  So, in the constant pursuit of allowing Trek fans to voice their opinions, we have added this page.  Below, you will find a short list of "surveys" designed to allow the readers of the site, who either support it or don't, to voice their opinions on what Trek is (and was).  Please take some time to browse through them and feel free to send us your thoughts on them.

Survey #1 -- The Trek Franchise

Survey #2 -- The Trouble with Trek

Survey #3 -- Star Trek XI or New Series?