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About the STFA
The Star Trek Fan Association (STFA) was formed on December 15, 2002 by Mark Sickle.  Based out of Washington, D.C., this unofficial (as of yet) organization was formed as an outlet for Star Trek fans to voice their opinions.  In recent years, Paramount's Star Trek departments have closed off the doors to fan input, and this was a major source of upset to the devoted fan base.  One of the STFA's first major initiatives was to organize the campaign which is depicted on this site -- a drive to remember and honor Gene Roddenberry, and to return his dream to the Star Trek world.  Below, you will find the address to the STFA's Headquarters, as well as information on who makes up the STFA Central Committee and supporters of this organization and its campaign.   

STFA Schedule of Events:

March 23, 2003

"STFA Star Trek Convention" #1
Erie, PA
To Schedule an Event Email us Here
For Information on an Event, call us at 301-524-9664 or E-mail us here.

STFA Past Events:

January 28
"Star Trek Meetup Day"
Rockville, MD

STFA Headquarters

Star Trek Fan Association
2180 Windermere Court
Frederick, MD  21702
(301) 524-9664

STFA Committee Members

Mark Sickle
Vice President
Walter George
Julia Sonney
Technical/Web Support
Luc Dupuis
Mark Moore
Paul Urban
Promotional Consultant
Amanda Tracey

Other Support: