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Community Events  
This page has listings of all important events for the current month, and for any tentatively planned events in future months.  This includes any and all building functions such as holiday parties, social gatherings, contests, and yes -- even when the rent is due!

Monthly Spotlight  
Every month, the "spotlight" will be turned on and will feature the Tenant of the Month, Employee of the Month, Birthday announcements, New Baby Arrivals, etc.  This is an important way to learn more about our neighbors, so remember to check it out!

Bulletin Board  
Here is a place where you can post anything from a want ad to ads for your company, etc.  Have a car to sell?  Looking for a used clothing iron?  Want a new bank account?  Post it and find it here.

Cooking Corner  
Find special recipes from the kitchen here, posted every month with seasonal concoctions that will make your mouth water...  Have a recipe that you'd like to share?  Contact us this page.

Okay Sports fans!  Don't have time to surf the internet all day?  Check for game scores and standings here.  Planned sports that will be followed as of yet: NFL Football and MLB Baseball.  Have a sport you'd like to see here, let us know!

This Date in History
Find out some very interesting things that happened in our history on the same day.

Fun Center  
Featured here will be games, trivia, comics, etc.  A place to go to have a little side entertainment when you're bored at work (but don't let your boss catch you here...)  Unless you are the boss, in which case it's okay...

For those of us out there who enjoy the arts and crafts, here are a few small project idea's to keep you busy during those winter months.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "It's in the stars!"?  Well, now it's on this website!  Check your horoscope to see what lies in wait for you today!

Find useful health hints and news here, including any services that will be provided to tenants from the medical facilities here in the building.