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Introducing the first semi-interactive maintenance system for the building!
When you need to report a trouble with your suite or the building in general, click on the "Report" link at left -- you will be taken to a short form and instructions for filling it out.   Immediately after you send this off to us, we will receive a pop-up window on our computer that alerts us to your request so that we can get right on the problem and solve it as quickly as possible.  This new system also allows us to be able to more efficiently track maintenance problems and requests throughout the building.
You can also check the status of a previous troublecall request by clicking that link.  An email box will pop up -- tell us the trouble call number, and we will email you back with that particular repair's status as soon as we can!
If there is an emergency for anything, please feel free to call us immediately at (301) 770-1807!