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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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  Fleet Admiral William J. Ross
In charge of all fleet operations during the Dominion War.  In 2375, he recalled Commander Damien Tyler to station Deep Space Nine to assign him temporarily aboard the USS Endeavor for a particular mission.  Upon completion of that mission, the admiral promoted Tyler to Captain and gave him command of the Endeavor.  Admiral Ross also made appearances in Episode 4, "Ties of Blood" and was mentioned in Episode 7.

  Captain John Haskins
Commanding officer of the USS Midway, a MIranda class starship upon which the then Commander Damien Tyler was executive officer.  He has formed a lasting friendship with Tyler, and has come to his former first officer's aid many times.   He made appearances in Episodes 1 (Parts 1 & 2), and Episode 4, and Episode 7.

   Admiral Hayes
Admiral in charge of fleet operations in Sector 001.  His offices are at Starfleet Command Headquarters in San Francisco, on Earth.  His first appearance was in Episode 7, and was the senior line officer who issued the fleet wide distress call that brought the fleet back to Earth to defend the planet against the expected Vendoth invasion of 2376.