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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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Name:   Michael Smith
 Rank:   Ensign
 Race:    Human
 Born:    2352, Earth
   Age:    35

History:  Mike Smith has always wanted to go into the medical profession, but swore he'd never join Starfleet.  He attended the same high school as Captain Tyler, and in fact, was his good friend.  Back then, he was always known amongst his friends as "Doc".  After graduating from the San Francisco School of Medicine, he began to practice medicine in the civilian sector.  Michael's son was diagnosed with Cellular Degradation Disease (CDD) at birth, and due to the growing lack of support from his medical facility's administrators, Michael turned to Starfleet for help.  After granting his son the use special treatments for his CDD, he agreed to join Starfleet Medical.  Now, having graduated at age 35, he is now being assigned to the USS Endeavor-A at the request of Captain Tyler.

Ensign Smith participated in a planetary rescue when an away team was trapped by a cave-in on Dakorus II in 2375.  
After the Vendoth invasion of 2376, Smith was reassigned to the Medical ship USS Red Cross temporarily until completion of repairs on USS Endeavor.

Ensign Smith has a passion for playing racquetball.