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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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Name:   Frank Parker
 Rank:   Lieutenant
 Race:    Human
 Born:    2341,  Mars Colony
   Age:    34

History:  Born on Mars Colony, Lieutenant Parker is of German descent and has the accent to boot.  He was disappointed that he was passed over for the Chief Engineer's spot, but soon relented in favor of a younger, more energetic person.  He seems content to perform only half as well as tests indicate he should.  Lieutenant Parker has tested at almost genius levels, but continues to maintain only a mediocre performance in terms of his service to Starfleet.  He has served on 7 different ships:  USS Tripoli, USS Endeavor (original), USS Enterprise-D, USS Adelphi, USS Kearsarge, USS Gorkon, and the USS Venture.

After the Vendoth invasion of Sol in 2376, Parker returned home to Germany to see family before being temporarily restationed to the USS Matong.