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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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Name:   Vincent "Vinny" Lewis
 Rank:   Lieutenant
 Race:    Human
 Born:    2348,  Earth
   Age:    27

History:   A young, brash officer, Vincent Lewis is an outstanding member of the engineering team.  While serving aboard his first vessel, the USS Discovery, Ensign Lewis managed to stop an implosion which threatened to rip the ship apart.  Known as "Vinny" to his friends, Lewis is well versed on all starship functions and has studied the blueprints for each class of ship in the fleet.  His attention to detail and ability to improvise to get a job done has proven to be Lewis' strength.  He received the transfer from the Discovery to the Endeavor after showing his skill in the engineering department.

During the Vendoth invasion of 2376, Lewis was able to devise a way to modulate the ships shields to counteract the effect of the Vendoth solidifying weapons.  Although it only lasted a short while, it gave the Endeavor an extended ability to fight.  After the conflict ended, Lewis was reassigned to the Utopia Planitia staff to aid with the repairs on the USS Endeavor.