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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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 Name:   Bren Tyrone Kylan
 Rank:   Commander
 Race:    Human
 Born:    2344,  Earth
 Age:      31

History:  Commander Kylen has only served on two vessels his entire career.  Starting out on the USS Jemison, he served there for 8 years, rising from the rank of Ensign to Lieutenant Commander.  Due to outstanding performance during an away team mission on planet Narel III, in which he saved the lives of 8 Starfleet personnel, he was meritoriously promoted to Commander.  When a spot came open under Captain Tyrelle on the newly commissioned USS Endeavor-A in 2375, Commander Kylen was pushed by his comrades to take it.  Reluctantly, he accepted the post.

In late 2375, Commander Kylan participated in an away team mission to the Cardassian Outpost on Setlik III, where he aided the Cardassian Resistance in overthrowing the Jem'Hadar stationed there.  At the beginning of the next year, he led the survey team to Dakorus II to determine if that planet was ready to be admitted to the Federation.  Due to the efforts of Commander Kylan and his survey team, it was decided that the Dakoran application should be suspended due to dangerous planetary instability.

After the Vendoth invasion of Sol in 2376, Commander Kylan was reassigned temporarily to the science vessel USS Creol until repairs could be completed on the USS Endeavor.