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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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Construction of Akira class starship completed at Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Jupiter.  Ship is the 13th constructed in the Akira class.
Ship is christened USS Endeavor-A, in honor of crew of original USS Endeavor (Nebula class ship destroyed during Borg invasion of Wolf 359).
Captain James Tyrelle assumes command of USS Endeavor-A and ship begins maiden voyage.
USS Endeavor-A begins patrol missions along Dominion-Cardassian DMZ.
USS Endeavor recalled to Deep Space Nine to pick up Commander Damien Tyler, who is assigned temporarily as Acting First Officer.  
("The Mission -Part 1")
Commander Damien Tyler, Ensign T'Shanik, and Ensign Devon Willis captured by Jem'Hadar on undercover mission into enemy territory.  An unnamed Intelligence officer was also captured.  They faced Intense interrogation before being rescued.
("The Mission - Part 1/2")
USS Endeavor-A returns to Deep Space Nine to effect repairs from battle damage with Jem'Hadar warships.  Captain Tyrelle was injured during attacks and is transferred to DS9 Infirmary in state of coma.
("The Mission - Part 2")

Commander Damien Tyler promoted to Captain, and given command of USS Endeavor-A.
("The Mission - Part 2")
USS Endeavor responds to distress call from Cardassian freighter which leads to a battle on Cardassian outpost world Setlik III.  Crew from the ship assist the Cardassians in overthrowing the Jem'Hadar stationed there.
("Unlikely Allies")

Admiral Ross sends out message to fleet to rendezvous at DS9 for final offensive push into Cardassian space.
("Unlikely Allies")
Captain Damien Tyler abducted by "Q" for a reenactment of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.
("A Christmas Q")

Tyler is returned to ship, Endeavor alters course to meet fleet at Cardassian Prime.
("A Christmas Q")
Final battle of Dominion War -- Battle of Cardassia.  USS Endeavor arrives shortly after battle begins.  Founders surrender, Dominion War ends.
("Ties of Blood")

USS Endeavor is ordered to stay in orbit around Cardassia Prime to assist in rescue operations and as peacekeepers.  
("Ties of Blood")

Several Romulan dignitaries taken aboard from warbird RMS T'Dok.  Romulan commander found murdered aboard ship -- investigation ensues, Ensign T'Shanik accused of attempted murder.  
("Ties of Blood")
T'Shanik cleared of murder charges, but it is discovered that she is not of Vulcan origin as previously reported, but of Romulan.
("Ties of Blood")
USS Endeavor-A conducts evaulation of planet Dakorus II to determine suitability to join Federation.
("Brain Child")

USS Endeavor-A commandeered by a boy who has been infected with a virus.  The virus restructured his brain cells to make him incredibly intelligent.
("Brain Child")

Control of USS Endeavor-A  is recovered.
("Brain Child")
USS Endeavor-A investigates archaeological settlement on Dentarus VI.  They discover that an alien race in a system nearby is dying from radiation sickness.  The ship races to help.
("Calm Before the Storm")

USS Endeavor-A arrives, but find the Vendoth species in perfect health -- and aggressive.  Ship barely escapes with its life due to a surprise battle with a Vendoth scoutship.
("Calm Before the Storm")

USS Endeavor-A sets course for Earth to inform Starfleet of Vendoth menace.
("Calm Before the Storm")
Massive Vendoth fleet arrives at Sector 001 with intention of destroying Earth.

USS Endeavor-A arrives at Earth and joins battle against Vendoth.
("The Sleeping Giant")

Vendoth threat is defeated, but severe damage is done to Starfleet.  Jupiter station destroyed, Mars Defense Perimiter destroyed, major damage to Utopia Planitia and Earth orbital facilities.
("The Sleeping Giant")

USS Endeavor-A receives sustained battle damage requiring it to enter drydock for repairs over Jupiter.  Repairs will take six months, so crew is temporarily reassigned to other stations until completed.
("The Sleeping Giant")
Captain Damien Tyler, temporarily assigned to Outpost 172, visits planet Renala VI to unwind at a bar known as "The Captain's Table".  Tyler regales a group of fellow captains with a story from his earlier command days aboard the USS Midway.
("The Raw Deal")
Commander Bren Kylan, along with Counselor Kai and Lieutenant Vincent Lewis, board the cadet training ship Vanguard on an undercover mission to track down a group of terrorists.
("Dark Lines")