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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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September 24, 2002

Okay, big updates for TLC's website.  Starting with the main menu, you will notice that both the "Transporters" button and "Fan/Reader Area" button are gone.  In it's place is a new feature I've spent a lot of time creating, called the "Classified Area: Behind the Scenes" pages.

In this new section you will find many awesome features which I believe will interest most everybody -- readers, fans, and even the occasional drifter who happens across my web site.  There are all new pages for Character Idea's and Story Idea's.  I have also kept the TLC Encyclopedia link, but it is now moved into the TLC Reference section.  There is also an interesting page I call TLC Fan Profiles showing where the many TLC readers come from or live.  I keep saying in my logs how I have so many readers from around the world, but I just wanted to give you an idea of how spread out they really are.

Two new features that I wanted to boast about -- Star Trek: ??? and TLC Journal.  Encouraged by some of my readers, I have decided to start another Star Trek series with another crew / ship.  I will continue writing TLC, I will just have two series going at the same time.  Star Trek:??? is a page I have set up with some series idea's I have come up with, and I want to know which one you like.  I want to write a series based on what the majority of the readers out there wants to see.  So make sure to stop by there and give me some input.

My other new pride and joy is the TLC Journal.  Many of my readers have asked how I got started writing...  How this series came to be the way that it is...  They constantly ask for more background information on how TLC is done behind the scenes...  Well, here it is.  I will be publishing an issue of this journal every month with news, articles, pictures, behind the scenes info, and more.  So make sure to check it out.  I plan on having the issue out on the 1st of every month, so don't miss out.  And if you have any suggestions, you can email me at Trek_writer.
-- End Log --