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Star Trek: The Legend Continues   
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With the phenomenal success of "The Legend Continues", I have decided to start up a new series (writing both at the same time).  I came up with a bunch of good idea's for new series, but I wanted to run them by you to see which one you liked best.  The six idea's are listed below, with short synopses underneath them.  You can cast your vote at the bottom of the page.  This new series will begin next year, so the deadline for the vote is December 15, 2002.
Note:  All of these story idea's have already been copyrighted, so please do not steal them.  If you would be interested in using one, feel free to email me and ask for permission.

Series Idea # 1

A series that explores the institution known as Starfleet Academy.  
The action would be centered around six of the Academy's newest
cadets and would follow them through all of their training and mis-adventures.
Series Idea # 2

Climb aboard this Oberth class starship as they head out beyond the
 limits of explored space.  Takes us back to the grass roots of when Starfleet
 was all about exploration, rather than conflict.
Series Idea # 3

A unique story idea combining Star Trek with the television show "E.R.".  
This medical starship will be crewed and staffed entirely with Starfleet Medical
(and some other ) doctors.  Watch as they travel the stars looking to help
 anyone who needs medical attention.
Series Idea # 4

We've seen life on starships, and we've even seen life aboard a busy space station
located next to a wormhole.  How about a look into the lives of those stationed
on a deep space Outpost, exploring the edge of space.  What interesting things
 can they encounter out this far?
Series Idea # 5

James Bond, 007, meets Star Trek in this series.  Follow Starfleet Intelligence's top 3
agents as they undertake top secret missions to secure the safety of the Federation and it's allies.
Series Idea # 6

The unfortunate starship USS Holmes encounters a gravitic sink hole while in orbit
around a planet outside Federation space, and is forced to crash land on
 the surface.  With no way of contacting Starfleet to advise them of their situation,
 the crew must find a way to survive on this new planet until a possible rescue can be made.
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